Anthias is a genus of marine fish that belongs to the family Anthiadidae. They are also commonly known as “fairy basslets” or “squirrelfish”. They are found in the tropical and subtropical waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, usually in coral reef and rocky outcroppings. In the wild, they can be found in large schools and are known for their bright, often colorful, and patterned bodies. They feed primarily on plankton, small crustaceans and other small invertebrates. They are known to be relatively hardy and easy to care for but do require a varied diet and a well-oxygenated aquarium. They are also relatively small, usually reaching a maximum length of around 6-8 inches. They are also known to be relatively long-lived with some species able to live up to 10-15 years in the wild. They are not only beautiful but also play an important role in the ecosystem of the coral reef and are a popular choice among scuba divers and snorkelers as they are relatively easy to spot and observe in their natural habitat.