Wormfishes and Dartfishes

The Microdesmidae family, also known as wormfishes and dartfishes, is a grouping of goby-like fishes that were previously placed in the order Gobiiformes. However, recent research has placed them within the Gobiidae family, although their taxonomic status within that family is not yet fully defined. The family includes two subfamilies, the Ptereleotrinae (dartfishes) and Microdesminae (wormfishes).

These fish are typically found in shallow tropical waters, both marine and brackish, and are often found burrowing in estuarine mud. They are small in size, with the largest species reaching only about 12 cm in length. Their body shape is elongated, and they have small eyes, a continuous dorsal fin and a reduced swim bladder. They are able to bury themselves in the sand or mud to hide from predators. Some species are benthic, meaning they live on the bottom of the ocean.