Garden Orbweavers

Argiope reinwardti

Argiope reinwardti is another member of the orb-weaver spider family Araneidae, known for their distinctive webs and striking appearance. Like other Argiope species, Argiope reinwardti creates intricate orb webs with a stabilimentum, a zigzag pattern of silk that may serve various functions, including attracting prey or providing camouflage. Argiope reinwardti features a striking color pattern and body shape typical of the Argiope genus, with a large, often brightly colored abdomen that can have various patterns designed to deter predators or attract prey. These spiders are skilled web weavers, creating large orb webs to capture their prey.






















Argiope reinwardti

Other Information


The venom of Argiope reinwardti is effective for immobilizing prey caught in its web, such as insects and other small arthropods. The venom is generally harmless to humans, causing only minor symptoms such as localized pain, swelling, and redness in the case of a bite, which is rare.

A Danger to Humans?

This spider poses little to no danger to humans. It is non-aggressive and tends to avoid contact, only biting if severely provoked or handled. The symptoms of a bite are usually mild and temporary.

Population Status

Specific population data for Argiope reinwardti is not widely available. Its population, like that of many spiders, likely varies with environmental conditions, prey availability, and habitat quality.

Garden Orbweavers (Argiope reinwardti), Photo by David Lowenthal

Life Span:
The life span of Argiope reinwardti is similar to that of other orb-weaver spiders, typically living for about a year. They hatch from eggs, grow through several instars, and mature to reproduce usually within the same year, dying as the colder months arrive.

Weight and Length:
While specific weight data for Argiope reinwardti is not readily available, these spiders can exhibit significant size, especially females, which are considerably larger than males. The body length (excluding legs) can range from a few centimeters, depending on age and sex.

Argiope reinwardti is found in various regions across Asia including Indonesia (Bali) and Australia. Its distribution is influenced by the availability of suitable habitats for web construction and sufficient prey.

Garden Orbweavers (Argiope reinwardti), Photo by David Lowenthal

Habits and Lifestyle:
These spiders are primarily diurnal, spending their days maintaining their webs or waiting for prey. They may rebuild their webs regularly to ensure the web’s effectiveness in capturing food.

Diet and Nutrition:
Argiope reinwardti preys on a variety of insects and other small arthropods that become ensnared in their webs. Their diet is opportunistic, based on the prey available in their environment.

Mating Habits:
Mating for Argiope reinwardti involves a delicate approach by the male, who must signal his intentions to the female to avoid being mistaken for prey. Males often approach while females are feeding. After mating, females lay eggs in a protected sac, often guarding them until their death.